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Actionable, Adaptive Strategic Planning

So many nonprofits have a five-year plan...from ten years ago. Maybe you spend a few hours every year tweaking that same strategic plan without connecting it to real growth.

We practice adaptive strategic planning with actionable goals and objectives that refocus and propel organizations on a path to growth and impact.

strategy happens every day, not every five years

Life happens too fast in the 21st century for 5 or 10 year strategies. Best practices indicate you should revisit your strategic plan every THREE years. Adapative strategic planning turns those flip charts and meeting notes into concrete action items, and our process sets your leadership team up for regular check-ins and adaptive performance reviews that empower them to make it happen! 

"We already have a strategic plan"

How's that working out? Are your daily conversations and weekly goals peppered with strategy FROM your strategic plan? Or is it in that binder somewhere, getting a fresh look every 5-7 years?


Strategic plan review

We'll review your strategic plan, suggest updates and improvements, measure your success, and create an ongoing review system that keeps you on track for targeted growth. Whether you're in the middle of a strategic plan or need a new one, we start by learning from the past.

Stakeholder engagement

Let us visit with your stakeholders- donors, clients, volunteers, staff, and board members- to give you an inside (and unfiltered) look at how effective your strategy has been so far-- and what we can do to supercharge it. Prime these partners for engagement by including them in the process.

strategic action workshops

Without your team's buy-in, a strategic plan is dead on arrival. We'll start with your Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team, then work with your staff and key volunteers to pin every strategic plan goal to concrete actions to make it happen in the field.

Strategic planning & implementation

We'll be there with you every step of the way. When the ink dries on your shiny new adaptive strategic plan, you'll have everything you need to achieve identified goals and implement concrete action steps with your team - including an implementation and ongoing review guide.

Test-drive strategic planning

Strategic planning workshops

One-Hour Workshop: $150 + $25/Attendee

Virtual or In-Person | Examine your current strategic planning and answer the question: Is it working?

Four-Hour Workshop: $500 + $35/Attendee

Virtual or In-Person | Learn to work as a team to rebuild your strategic plan, create capacity, and drive growth at your organization.

Custom workshops available to meet your organization's needs.

one-to-one strategy calls

Introductory Strategy Call: FREE OF CHARGE

Zoom or Phone Call | In a 60-minute session, explore your organization's current strategic planning process and biggest obstacles to success.

Strategy Sessions: $125/Hour | 4 Hours for $400

Zoom or Phone Call | After an Introductory Strategy Call, follow up with strategy solutions from an expert to align your actions and approach to the work with your mission and strategic plan.

dive in to a new strategic plan

step one: contact us for a custom quote that meets your needs

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