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Grant Research, Writing, and Administration Services

"How much do you charge to write a grant?" depends! In order to provide a more streamlined grant-writing service, we have developed a partnership schedule that you can see below. Ideally, this process happens in three phases: research, writing, and administration. Check out the three-phase process below!

Phase One: Research

Bad news: There's no magic grant tree to which we can go every time your mission needs money. Good news: We can cultivate grant opportunities and build opportunities to apply for grants each year to help your impact go farther! It all starts with research.

We will research up to 5 grants for one fee. Three of these grants will be sourced by our team, and your team may source two additional grants for research. Your organization will receive grant briefs for each of these grants that include submission cycles, applicable uses for your team, and a summary of challenges and opportunities that come with receiving the grant.

Cost: $500

For "a la carte" grant research in support of existing grant writers or organizational efforts, we will provide a grant brief to include submission cycles, organization summary, applicable uses for your team, and a summary of challenges and opportunities that come with receiving the grant. We also provide the service of preparing capture presentations or other preparation for pitch meetings with foundation/grant providers.

Cost: $85 per hour

Need custom preparation or capture assistance? Contact us!

Phase Two: Writing

Now that we've done our research, it's time to select which grants to pursue and at what funding level we hope to secure them. While it's tempting to establish a partnership/compensation plan that provides for a percentage of grant funds to pay a consultant, most grants generally expressly prohibit this pricing structure and many professional associations discourage the practice.

Generally speaking, though, the size of a grant determines how much time and work is required. If a $5,000 grant requires the same amount of work as a $500,000 grant, it's time to examine our fundraising priorities. As a general rule of thumb:

For grants $1 - $4,999: 2 hours

For grants $5,000 - $24,999: 3-7 hours

For grants $25,000 - $99,999: 7-10 hours

For grants $100,000 - $249,999: 10-15 hours

For grants $250,000 - $499,999: 15-20 hours

For grants of $500,000+: Variable, Custom

Grants can be difficult to secure, and there's no guarantee of success; however, we will put our considerable grant-writing expertise to work to give your organization its best chance at securing grant funding. And if you don't get the grant? We will refund 50% of the grant-writing fee.

Cost: $125 per hour

Here's the dream: You've written a huge grant and just received your award letter! Now for the nightmare: Six months down the road, you lose the grant after a program audit or compliance visit. Don't let this happen to you! So many organizations have wound up "holding the bag" on a project that received funding approval but didn't meet reporting standards.

When we write a grant for you or your organization, we will provide an hour of training and consultation on reporting and administration requirements. Additional hours of consultation, including full administration services and monthly execution of reporting according to grant requirements, are available!

If you receive a grant and need help administrating the program, whether we wrote the grant or not, we are available to handle all of the paperwork and reporting on program outcomes in compliance with any given grant program, including: local, state, and federal programs; foundation grants; sub-recipient grants; and more! The successful administration of a grant and competent reporting standards ensure that your organization is a good candidate for renewal or additional program funding. Let us help you continue the impact of these grant programs in your work!

Cost: $125 per hour

Phase Three: Administration

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