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Build Better Boards

Develop Great Leaders

The Executive-Board relationship is key to nonprofit success. Equip your Board of Directors with the tools they need to power growth and set the course for your organization's future.

We can help you plan to recruit and retain great board leaders and executive staff and serve your organization with a steady hand during periods of change.

Board development

We will evaluate your board's governance, oversight, and engagement practices. Then, we will help you design a board that best serves your mission and develop recruitment, retention, and succession plans that keep your board focused on sustainable growth.

Skills development

Is your board full of mission-support rockstars? Is there a staff member who would benefit from skills coaching and custom professional development? We will create custom solutions for leaders in the executive, development, programs, and/or volunteer departments to develop your staff and grow your mission.

interim leadership

We will provide executive leadership to your programs to ensure there are no cracks for your mission to fall through. We will evaluate and shore up program and development goals and facilitate a smooth hand-off to your new leader and continuous accountability to your board.

Executive search

Executive searches are difficult for boards of directors comprised entirely of volunteers and for executive directors with already-full plates. We will analyze your employment opportunity, develop a job description and salary range, and find the most qualified applicants for your board and/or executive director to consider.

Your Mission Needs Highly-Skilled Leaders at All Levels

Professional development in the nonprofit world is never one-size-fits-all! We can design learning experiences- delivered virtually or in-person- to power your mission's growth. Whether it's a team of development professionals and volunteers, a learning and planning retreat for your board of directors, or a series of one-to-one coaching sessions with an executive, we bring expert strategies and personalized growth goals to each experience.

Interim Leadership and Executive Search Services Mean Your Mission Never Takes a Gap Year

We work with you to design the right job description and targeted posting and recruiting strategies to ensure the right fit. With interim leadership in your key departments or the executive director position, we make sure that nothing falls through the cracks in the meantime. Busy boards and executive directors can count on us to find the most qualified candidates, screen them to high standards, and manage the interview and offer process so you can focus on the mission at hand.

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