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Development and Fundraising Strategies that

Power Your Mission

Fundraising done right powers your mission. Together, we can build a diversified strategy that gets rid of those "down years" and powers your mission into the future.


Diversified Funding strategies

"Diversification" isn't just for stock portfolios. Together, we will examine your organization's funding needs and determine how to maximize your funding strengths while developing new or existing revenue lines. Let's make sure all your eggs aren't in one basket-- and that none of your baskets have holes in them!

We'll create a comprehensive, diversified development strategy that builds capacity for growth.


Your organization needs a concrete strategy that aligns the mission with the money we need to make it happen. Balance your sources of revenue and identify key areas of growth, then get expert help creating an action plan to build capacity and grow your mission.


We know events inside and out-- literally. From black-tie galas to the World Cheese Dip Championship, we've seen it all. Let us breathe new life into a well-tenured event or help you kick-start a new idea. Either way, we can help you plan and execute record-breaking events.

donor development

Let us help you identify, research, and secure new donors and maximize the donor pool in your database. We will create donor profiles, segment your donors, and give you concrete action plans to increase your individual, affinity group, and/or corporate donor line items.

online & direct appeals

We will help you identify the right campaigns to run and the right appeals for growth. We'll write compelling copy and tell your story with a fresh voice that drives donations. We can prepare materials for your team or handle online and direct-mail appeals for you from start to finish.

are capital campaigns just for buildings?

We traditionally think of capital campaigns as daunting efforts to build a new headquarters or hospital or food bank. But comprehensive capital campaigns can fund any big leap forward for the organization, especially to build capacity! This can mean a marked increase in staff or capacity to meet mission challenges, building an endowment fund, constructing or renovating buildings, or any major one-time undertaking.

How long does a capital campaign take?

Typically, a capital campaign will take 2-5 years, depending on the current capacity of the organization and the amount of funding needed to accomplish the capital campaign's goals.

How do we help?

With our help, your organization will determine its capital campaign needs and design the goals and timeline for the campaign itself. We will produce a feasibility study to let you know when the right time for the campaign is or will be. We will construct a comprehensive capital campaign, meaning we'll help you figure out how to fund the mission while you're raising capital funds. We'll also help identify major donors and partners and help you craft your pitch and refine your asks.

capital campaigns

no money, no mission. contact us for a free initial consultation.

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